Subsidiaries of Complete General Construction

State Tire and Service

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ULE : Underground Locating and Excavating

ULE provides a safe, non-destructive, cost effective and accurate method to locate underground utilities and to minimize excavation of an area. Hydro/air excavation uses pressurized water or air to loosen soil which is then removed thru a vacuum and collected in a tank. Once the dirt is removed the exact location of buried utilities is exposed. Accurate decisions can then be made for design, construction and repair.

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CRC : Custom Crushing and Recycling of Aggregates

Complete Resources can tackle a wide range of custom crushing/recycling projects. Sand, gravel, limestone and other aggregate products are among an extensive list of materials which Complete Resources can process in addition to traditional recyclable products of asphalt, concrete, brick and block. Each project is tailored to the customer's specifications and requirements.

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