Complete General got its first experience constructing bridges in the early 1980’s. At that time we only ventured into latex overlay projects. We got very good at them, and dominated the field for 10 years. As ODOT began to shift their work toward more intense rehab and new construction projects, Complete had to change with the times. At Complete General Construction we now have three main categories that fall under our “structures” umbrella.

New Construction

We have been building completely new bridges from the ground up since 1997. Since then we have tackled small projects from $70,000 up to large highway projects worth $40,000,000. In an average year we are constructing 10 new bridges.

Rehab Construction

The bulk of our work is rehabilitating older structures. Most of these structures are from the 1960’s era and need to be repaired and updated to meet current standards. These can be small expansion joint repair projects, or full blown deck replacements.


When a bridge surface becomes worn, but the underlying structure is in good order, the owner sometimes will remove the top few inches and replace it with a dense concrete mix. This helps protect the deck should keep it in good order for about 10 years. Bridge overlays are where we started and are still a specialty. We place more overlays than any contractor in Ohio. The current trend is to perform the entire project over a weekend. This keeps the inconvenience to a minimum to the traveling public.